Hardly a fairytale. Every bit a miracle.

Since 2015

The Shiny Magic

MemorablyJane is the sweet, sparkling brainchild borne of a young girl’s innocent and bright-eyed fascination with ladies’ jewelry.

More specifically, earrings!

The sort that mummy wears on ears. The sort that glints and sparkles behind the clear glass display windows of jewelry shops. The sort that can be seen dangling off their elevated props or lounging snugly on their little square display cushions.

The sort that that little girl couldn’t wear due to a skin condition that prevented her from piercing her ears!


Through the passage of time, that little girl grew up and matured. As did her taste and interest in women’s earrings. Suddenly, cheap plastic costume jewelry no longer sufficed. Just the buying and collecting without wearing of earrings did little to nothing to quench that thirst to be able to do more with those dusty, unworn earrings and her unpierced ears!

So, that little girl then, grown woman now, took matters into her own hands. Quite literally, by exploring their ability to create, rather than to simply accept things as they are.

She still wasn’t going to pierce her ears. That was never an option to begin with anyway. But one day (yes, it was just that simple and coincidental), she discovered the existence of clip-on earrings and she never looked back!


Crafting MemorablyJane

Being a diehard lover of anything and everything sparkly and pretty, MemorablyJane especially uses nothing but authentic Austrian Swarovski fancy crystal, crystal pearls and crystal beads of various designs and measurements.

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We take special effort to source and use Swarovski-approved gemstone settings to match our Swarovski crystals!

What Makes Jane So Memorable?

Besides that she will be the loudest, most creative person in any room that you run into her in, it’ll be that MemorablyJane carries only, only, only clip-on earrings!

It is almost like a deliberate act of rebellion against that whole idea of pain in exchange for beauty. And yet, at the same time, it also feels like an age-old statement in that all women, no matter the circumstance or whatever societal norm to exist then, should be free to look and feel their very prettiest, pierced-skin pain or not!

So, yes! Nothing else but clip-on earrings here, with MemorablyJane, for the ladies whose ears are without earholes.

But it doesn’t stop here!

Ladies with pierced ears are perfectly welcome at MemorablyJane to freely explore the benefits of wearing clip-on earrings.