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The Rose

Symbolic of the feminine and masculine energy cycle that circulates within the self and culminates in a great spiral of passionate fervour and nurturing tenderness, the rose is as soft as it is headstrong, bright as it is subdued and unimaginably beautiful in the eyes of its beholder.

Man has regarded the rose differently throughout the passage of time. Men have given stalks of roses to the women of their hearts and received some in return themselves. Women have been named after the flower. All but in universal pursuit of the unvoiced strength and elegance that the rose embodies.

in All Shapes & Sizes

Petals wrap upon and around each other in a floral cyclone. It gives the rose an outward-flowing, upturned ballerina skirt-like look that has remained unchanged throughout history. Count twenty, oblong-shaped petals with a single core in the very heart of the rose, inspired by how Mother Nature herself does it.


born of the hand

Each of the twenty rose petals is square-cut from a single stretch of double-faced satin ribbon with a 4x4cm measurement to ensure evenness and consistency throughout the hand-crafting process.

The squares of ribbon are then individually folded and seared by hand using extreme heat, in order to avoid unnecessary fraying. The twenty petals are then artfully arranged to birth a rose, to next be affixed onto a circular felt-and-craft base.

Finally mounted onto a brass alligator hair clip to be worn in the hair, the rose looks like it belongs.

ripe with colour

The rainbow bursting full of colors in different hues is carefully curated and assigned by the designer herself. With her impeccable eye for arrangement, design and color, she chooses the colors that will best pay homage to Mother Nature’s work.

Bursting in different shades of the primary red, blue and yellow colors, the flowers grow fuller with vibrancy and luster. As her painter’s palette expands, the roses spill over into purple, indigo and golds that seem almost fairylike.