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A floral arrangement is yet another one of Mother Nature’s way of being tiny and pretty all at once. Blooms, grasses and other accents all come together at random to form an alluring vision that appeals to the streak of creative energy that courses through the individual.

Balancing tenacity and frailty of life in complimentary tribute to impeccable taste and refinement, a perfectly put together floral arrangement is as irresistible as it suggests, without a hint of bashfulness, at virility abound.

Now, not one floral arrangement may be meant for everyone. However, no one may deny or reject the therapeutic effect that comes forth from simply being in the proximity of flowers.

Color springs. Fragrance swathes. Beauty beckons.

Behold a crumb of Mother Nature in the heart of your palm.

in any design

The signature tea rose of choice color occupies the seat of honor of every floral arrangement.

An assortment of seasonal flowers and grasses wreathe the tea rose centerpiece in a stunning myriad of colors that pay complementary homage to the rose, drawing out the fullest of character and beauty.

Are these flowers the accents to the rose? Or may it be the other way around?

The lines of beauty blur but they don’t matter anymore so long as Mother Nature never fades.

born of creative energy

Not one flower arrangement is entirely identical to the other. The smallest of which may bear a single tea rose while as many as three of those may bloom across the largest.

‘Arrangement’ actively varies size and shape in terms of the measurements of the scissor-cut silk satin squares as well as the exact number of petals to go into helping a flower reach fullest bloom by day.

ripe with colour

The rainbow bursting full of colors in different hues is carefully curated and assigned by the designer herself. With her impeccable eye for arrangement, design and color, she chooses the colors that will best pay homage to Mother Nature’s work.

Bursting in different shades of the primary red, blue and yellow colors, the flowers grow fuller with vibrancy and luster. As her painter’s palette expands, the roses spill over into purple, indigo and golds that seem almost fairylike.